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Realistic Job Previews

Duration : 60 Minutes

Bob Verchota, MHA, SPHR,

Bob Verchota is the owner and senior consultant for RPVerchota & Associates, a consulting firm providing services to clients who seek to align their business and employees, creating successful outcomes and excellent work environments. After 30+ years in Human Resources senior leadership roles Read more

Realistic job preview (RJP) is a tool companies and organizations use as a way to communicate the good and the bad characteristics of the job during the hiring process of new employees, or as a tool to reestablish job specificity for existing employees. Realistic job previews should provide the individuals with a well-rounded description that details what obligations the individual can expect to perform while working for that specific company. Descriptions may include, but are not limited to, work environment, expectations, and Company policies (rules, restrictions).

At the heart of realistic job previews are the employee exchange the psychological contract between employer and employee.  By being hired after use of the RJP, the employee enters the work environment aware of what the organization will provide to them (pay, hours, schedule flexibility, culture, etc.) as well as what will be expected from them (late hours, stress, customer interaction, high urgency, degree of physical risk, etc.).


Interview steps can take place in one day or through several interactions. The following are examples of interview steps that allow the candidate to select out at any time:

1. The interviewee can read a detailed job description, including policies that might be unacceptable to some candidates (e.g., mandatory overtime, travel, unusual work hours or coverage).

2. The remaining candidates could be screened using an assessment tool or other selection test.

3. Candidates that pass the screening could participate in a structured observation experience.

4. The remaining candidates could view a videotape, participate in a tour of the agency, or take part in a “shadowing” experience or group Q & A applicant meeting. 

5. The most expensive part of the selection process, i.e., one-to-one or panel interviews, is conducted with the remaining candidates.

Why Should You Attend:

Realistic Job Previews are a critical part of building a successful team of employees. With this webinar companies will have tools to improve their new-hire processes.

Participants will receive:

• Understanding of where and when RJP fits into your Talent Acquisition and Promotion processes

• Process steps for constructing the RJP

• 29 RJP Examples with explanations

• Top 10 Reasons for Adopting the RJP Approach 

 We have the choice of reacting to turnover (constant recruitment and work flow disruption) or act to change the “usual and customary” churning of people through our organizations. RJP is a component of the broader Performance Management processes and responsibilities that lead to improved organizational performance by hiring “match for best fit”, accelerate new hires achieving competency and mastery of the role, growing internal talent and preparing them for new or additional responsibilities, and demonstrate the willingness to invest in people and their success. 

Course Outline:

The five key attributes in an RJP: accuracy, specificity, breadth, credibility, and importance. RJPs have the most significant impact on applicants’ decisions to accept and keep jobs if the information:

1. Is an accurate portrayal of both the positive and negative aspects of the job;

2. Deals with the job specifically, rather than with a broad-brush overview;

3. Describes the various aspects of the job, rather than focusing on a few elements;

4. Is received from a credible source, such as incumbents or someone who has performed or supervised the job; and

5. Is important for the applicant to know before deciding to accept the job offer.

Include both descriptive and judgmental information:

• Descriptive information is factual, such as pay, the timing of raises, benefits, and work hours.

• Judgmental information is perceptual, and is the most influential in determining how someone will feel about the job. These topics include information that might dissatisfy or be misperceived by candidates and is not addressed in the written information. Examples include weekend hours, how the organization responds to a crisis, supervisory specifics, and the need to cover another staff member’s job under certain circumstances, or overtime/extra work requirements.

The best methods for creating the RJP include gathering information from key stakeholder and organizational sources to secure reliable content:

• Interview a group of employees that have a connection to the position, i.e., currently or formerly in the position or supervising the position.

• Gather information from as many sources as possible, such as job descriptions and other organizational information.

 With any of these methods, it is critical that prospective newcomers be informed that the reason they are participating in an RJP is to help them decide about whether this company and this job is a good match for them. This needs to happen before a job offer has been made and should allow an opportunity for prospective employees to decide that they do not wish to continue the application process. In addition, agencies should take the opportunity to identify what makes them unique and why someone should work for them rather than for another agency.

What You Get:

• Training Materials

• Live Q&A Session with our Expert

• Participation Certificate

• Access to Signup Community (Optional)

• Reward Points

Who Will Benefit:

• Supervisors and management responsible for hiring

• Human Resource Professionals

• Recruiters and Employment Specialists

• Consultants

• Organizational development professionals

• Affirmative Action Officers

• Any staff participating in the Interviewing Process

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