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Duration : 2 Days

Elga Lejarza,

Ms. Lejarza has been working in Human Resources for over two decades. Graduated from Florida International University with a Bachelor in Management and a Minor in Human Resources. She is the founder and Read more

This intensive two-day workshop is to prepare you to take the PHR-CA Credential exam. California has the most stringent employment laws of all the states. Understanding and mastering the concept of California labor law will make you an asset to your organization. In this class, we will review the five functional areas outlined by HRCI, with special attention to the areas that are weighted the most heavily. Once you enroll in this class you will receive the supplemental self-study guidebook. The guidebook will serve as a tool to help you study and prepare on your own once the workshop is over. You will also receive links to websites where you can research additional information. Enrolling in the workshop and utilizing the supplemental guide, will prepare you to ace the exam!

What’s Included:

• Supplemental self-study guidebook

• The presentation used in the class

• Two 1-on-1 Study Q&A Sessions to ensure you are ready

• Additional website study aids

• Certificate of Completion

• Each live session is recorded and made available to you within 24hrs for your review


The class meets both days from 8 am to 12 pm PDT

Day 1

The Overview

• Using the H.A.C.K method to prepare for the exam

• Review of the supplemental guide and how to use It to prepare for the exam

• The Business case for earning your PHR-CA

• California’s stringent employment laws-why are they so different?

• Overview of the knowledge areas needed to pass the exam as outlined by HRCI

• Learn the thresholds for CA Laws, Leaves of Absence and Acts

• Learn the California enforcement agencies ex: Department of Industrial Relations, CA EDD, DLSE, DFEH,LWDA

Review Module 1: Wage and Hour Laws

• Understand independent contractors

• Minimum wages

• Wage statements – what should be on them?

• Overtime pay/bonus pay

• Fines for misclassifying employees

• Final pay

Review Module 2: Employment Life Cycles and Employee Relations

• Understand how to employ minors (work permits) etc,

• Notices that must be given at time of hire/time of termination

• Harassment Training

• Cal WARN

• New hire reporting

 Day 2

Review Module 3: Leave of Absences and Benefits

• Understand all of the California LOA and how to comply

• Understand when employees qualify and when they can use each leave type

• Understand which leaves run concurrently

• Understand employee eligibility

Review Module 4: Health, Safety and Workers Compensation

• Workers Comp programs


• Heat Illness

• Drug and alcohol use

• Ergonomics

Module 5: Compliance and Risk Management

• Understand PAGA claims

• Understand compliance obligations based on employer size

• Cal Cobra

• Required form and posters

• Record retention

• Equal Pay Act

• Ensure reasonable accommodations are met

Review the $$ The money topics—this is what I call the most important topics to pass the exam

Test your knowledge—a quiz-style review of everything learned 

At the conclusion of this two-day seminar, you will walk away with a strong understanding of the complex CA labor laws. This class is designed to give you the information needed to prepare for the exam, some practical study tips and study planner to keep you on track. Even after the workshop is ended you will receive Ongoing support via study check-ins and a private Facebook group where you can ask questions and get extra help.

Please reach us at 1-888-844-8963 for any further assistance or if you wish to register

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